Monday, November 4, 2013

B writes: Well, we've somehow made it this far...

...and what a journey it has been!

Neither of us planned on publishing Gamenian at the beginning, but at some point along the way we realized that we weren't the only ones that liked the story we were telling. Mind you, our long suffering family had to put up with lots of interesting discussions where Ali and I were the only ones that actually knew what we were talking about, and often we would start talking about the next plot issue only to have one or the other of our two sisters beg us to "Please stop talking about stories."

For the most part I think the biggest obstacle for Alethia and I has been The Dreaded Writer's Block. A disease that most creative people are familiar with, and therefore worthy of a caps title. There are times when the well just dries up, life gets in the way - all that and more.  Sometimes I'm waiting on Ali, and sometimes she's waiting on me.  I think though, as a whole, working with a partner is a fun and interesting way to write - provided that, for the most part, you can agree. 

I personally feel in this case, two heads are better than one, and I'm excited to see how far we can get with this manuscript. I guess I don't have much more to say on the process at the moment; in a way I think I'm a little more removed from the story as it tend to live in Ali's head and I just see the parts that she puts on paper. But it shall be exciting to share where we go from here, we'll try to keep the blog updated but I think that, just like writing the story, publishing our novel is going to be quite an exercise in patience.  

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