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Alethia and Bonita are a sister duo hailing from Canberra, Australia. Sharing the same curly hair and a passion for penning stories, these two sisters have been composing together (and occasionally arguing) for over thirteen years.

Alethia started writing stories at a precocious age; six.  She has a wildly fertile imagination and loves to plan her novels out in elaborate detail - picturing each scene like it is from a movie.  How she manages to separate the jumble of several different plots, characters and details in her head is anyone's guess, but she will produce a wonderfully quick, action packed narrative with moving dialogue that is eloquent in its simplicity.  

Once the bare bones of the story has been scratched out, she turns the piece over Bonita, and steps back to let her writing partner contribute her touch. 

Bonita started writing stories at the age of eight, and hasn't stopped since she decided to write a story instead of a speech for her final presentation during her Toastmasters course! A box full of journals, one book and five blogs later, she has finally come to the conclusion that she'll probably be writing for a little while yet...

Graduating from the University of Canberra in 2009 with BA in Journalism has only confirmed this, and while she is very busy managing a household with one husband, three children, one husky and a horse, she still loves to read and write and will devour books at an alarming rate. 

Her forte is polishing. She counts the Theasuarus as one of her best friends, and delights in marrying the perfect expression with propitious timing - Alethia often tells her not to bother, because she might not know what those words mean!

Both sisters have been furiously scribbling away with the hopes of publishing more books following the publication of their first novel - Gamenian, and are happy share their conversation about this adventure along the way, along with any advice, hints or tips.*  

*Except the name of their fabulous copy editor; a personal friend who is as much apart of this undertaking as the authors are!

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