Wednesday, January 29, 2014

B writes: Cover Art

So Ali & I have been looking into different artist and styles for the cover art for Gamenian. It's a bit tricky; we thought that we were allowed to choose an artist for the cover art, but we might have to go with the in-house artist instead.

This will be fine - I have no doubts about the in-house artist's skills at all; I'm sure they'd do a fabulous job. It's more that we were hoping to have the cover art and book trailer art (yes, we are planning a book trailer!  Excitement!) from the same artist for consistency's sake.

Maybe it won't make all together that much difference in the end? I don't know. We did pick our artist out for their very specific style of art, the line art and digital coloring were exactly the way we want it to look.  So we are hoping that we might be able to get our outside cover art approved, but we will have to see.


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