Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A writes: Gamenian Stuff

*trumpet fanfare* my sister Boni and I are very excited to announce that Gamenian has been accepted for publishing! They are just a small publisher but we’re really looking forward to working with them. There is sooo much to think about though; book blurb, book tag line, cover, editing the manuscript to fit their guidelines… 
We decided to hire an artist ourselves to do the cover art because we’re also planning on doing a book trailer. The trailer will just have a couple of pictures to introduce Gamenians main characters and the idea we have for the cover fit into the video really well. So we figured, why not get an artist to do both? We did find an amazing artist; we haven’t sealed the deal yet but she seems pretty keen and we both love her work!
In the future I’ll be releasing more details – in the future we’ll probably be doing a cover reveal plus a sneak peek at the book trailer. And of course I also wanted to do a quick post of our query letter to help you guys out!  :)

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