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Gamenian: 'Till Death Do We Play  - YA Sci-Fi Space Opera - ready to publish

Freedom is a lie. It's been four years since Tori escaped the desert planet of Esandria and her life as a drug-mule and assassin for a dictator named Craik, but she is as enslaved as she ever was. While she is physically free, inside her mind the past blurs with the present and she's desperate for a cure from the faces that only she can see, and the voices that only she can hear.

The fragile life she has created for herself is simultaneously destroyed by an unorthadox bounty hunter, named Ash, and Lethar, an assassin sent by Craik, forcing her on a reckless journey to escape from her demons. Her past is no longer inside her head, and with her control slipping, the last thing she needs is a 17-year old Way Seeker stuck by her side, but that's what she gets in the form of Spencer. Spencer doesn't want anything to do with her, and while she shares the sentiment, their lives are twisted together by the death of a mutual loved one.

Both Ash and Lethar are relentlessly tracking their every more and she's getting tired of running. Spencer believes Tori's only true freedom is from the Almighty, but she isn't so sure. There's only one out that she can see - Craik must die. It's a dangerous cat and mouse game, but the closer she gets to Craik, the more her dark secrets begin to surface and the more she begins to question the path she has chosen....

Gamenian: Poker Face - YA Sci-Fi Space Opera - wip

Before there was Tori, there was Taph.

Before there was freedom, there was slavery.

Before there was the Almighty, there was Craik.

Taph knows the game, set on an unusal playing field - Esandira. She knows how to fight, how to kill, and above all else, she knows how to survive. For years Taph lived with one rule; do not attract Craik’s attention.

It was a rule that forced her to hide her friendship with an assassin named Chase, and cost her the life of her roommate. But when the rule is broken, Taph finds herself in a situation that is quickly spiraling out of control. Ordered to train Reon and Dexter, identical twins who want to head down the assassins path rather than selling the drug Epimine. It's a path that will lead her to a secret, a secret that will rip apart of her life and her very definition of who she is.

To survive this, she will have to become stronger and harder than she ever thought was possible. Only, in the end, survival will only be the beginning…

The Chronicle - YA Epic Fantasy - wip

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